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United Natures: A United Nations Of All Species (DVD) by Peter Charles Downey

Featuring the world’s foremost environmental activists and philosophers, United Natures explores how everything in our planet is connected. This is a visually beautiful documentary that sheds light on the new Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, which has been presented by Bolivia to the UN for recognition.

With a mixture of evocative music, natural world imagery and interviews, United Natures takes the audience on a journey, looking at the destruction the Western world has wrought on ecosystems and how we need to live closer to the earth.

David Holmgren, Starhawk, John Seed, Polly Higgins and Vandana Shiva are just a few of the passionate voices, debating mankind’s place within nature and as part of the Earth’s ecosystem. They are interspersed with music and beautiful imagery that emphasises the spiritually and philosophically self-reflective feel of the film. With the positivity of permaculture philosophy, the film is sure to resonate with the millions of people around the world today. We are without a central leader or organisation, but share a common united global vision of sustainability, harmony, care for the planet and the evolution of a new indigenous future – not only as earthlings, but universlings!

“Until we have evolved enough to appreciate the rights of the Earth and our role as humans within nature, we will never appreciate the rights of our civilisation, and every human’s equal place within it.

“A new wisdom, philosophy, spirituality and world indigenous culture will evolve from unsustainable modernity. Like the reclamation of forest over ancient ruins, our humanity will flower into a new realisation of what is considered smart, intelligent, advanced and modern.” Peter Charles Downey.

Peter Charles Downey is an independent filmmaker and lives in Warbuton, Australia. He also produced Anima Mundi.

Starring: Dr. Vandana Shiva, Cormac Cullinan, David Holmgren, Prof. Judith Koons, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Starhawk, Father Bob Maguire, John Seed, Dr. Alessandro Pelizzon, Dr. Stephan Harding, Polly Higgins, Linda Sheehan, Prof. Stuart Hill, Oliver Holmgren, Cecilia Macaulay, Rosa Maria Ruiz, Michael Reynolds and Su Dennett.

A United Natures Independent Media production. Production support: Peter Erb Media, Chris Erb, Yerba Beuna Films, Permaculture Magazine, Neel Chaudhuri, Tristan Copley Smith Films and Elaine Santana Photography. Copyright 2013 United Natures Independent Media and Peter Charles Downey. All rights reserved.


DVD information

Released: 2013
ISBN: 978-1-85623-183-4 PAL, 978-1-85623-183-1 NTSC
Duration: 103 minutes
Region: 0

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