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The Log Book: Getting the Best From Your Wood Burning Stove by Will Rolls

An easy guide to all you need to know about wood burning stoves. Using a wood burning stove effectively is both an art and a science. In this friendly, comprehensive guide, chartered forester and woodfuel expert Will Rolls talks the reader through the theory and practice of getting the best results from their stove. From finding the fuel and seasoning it, to lighting the stove and operating it cleanly, this book describes the best techniques for looking after your log stove. The Log Book covers log suppliers, avoiding too much smoke and ash, checking fuel quality and picking the best wood for your fire. This second edition includes revisions and expanded information including:

  • A guide to choosing a stove
  • Information on accessories such as heat fans and temperature gauges
  • Tips for cleaning stove glass
  • Uses for wood ash


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By Posted in on Jan 22, 2013

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