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The Living Landscape: How To Read And Understand It by Patrick Whitefield

“The knowledge of reading the landscape brings us within it… In his clear and accessible style, Patrick offers the reader not just the breadth of his knowledge but the first steps on a journey to become part of our landscape again.” From the Foreword by Ben Law (as seen on Channel 4’s Grand Design series)

Being able to ‘read’ the landscape whilst on a walk makes a huge difference. It is like suddenly seeing the world in colour after being used to a lifetime of black and white.

The Living Landscape looks in detail at landscape formation: from rocks, through soil to vegetation and the intricate web of interactions between plants, animals, climate and the people that makes the landscape around us.

Each chapter is interspersed with diagrams, sketches and notes that Patrick has taken over two decades of living and working in the countryside. Patrick will inspire you to reconnect with the land as a living entity, not a collection of different scenery, and develop an active relationship with nature and the countryside. This book invites you to actively engage with nature and experience it first hand.

Understanding how landscapes evolve is a useful skill for landscape designers, farmers, gardeners and smallholders but it is also a life-enhancing skill all of us can enjoy. Patrick offers us the enduring pleasure that costs nothing and yet offers everything.

“Patrick Whitefield shares a lifetime’s knowledge about the complex interactions that go to make up the fascinating and varied landscapes we see around us. Even if you think you can read a piece of land pretty well, this book will surprise and fascinate you by delving into the complexity of land in this country and how it has come to be as it is.” Agroforestry News

Book details

Published: 2009
ISBN: 978-1-85623-043-8
Size: 234mm x 155mm
Format: Paperback, 360pp. 50 colour photographs; 140 line drawings

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