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Self Reliance: A Recipe for the New Millennium by John Yeoman

Self Reliance is a book of recipes in the broadest sense. It is full of essential information for anyone who wants to live a more independent, self reliant lifestyle or plan for surviving a disaster scenario.

“This is not a ‘black book’ of survival. It is intended as an introduction to self reliance, showing tested, practical and often entertaining ways to escape the mindset of helplessness and the chains of habit forged for all of us by the consumer society. It guarantees not only an improvement in the odds but also, if you follow its suggestions and experiments, a vast improvement in your own self-confidence. Because in the worst scenario, you will endure – and endure well.” John Yeoman

Reading Self Reliance  you will discover…

  • Ideas for freeing yourself from the expense and nuisances of consumer society
  • How to become personally stronger, more self-reliant and more fulfilled
  • Ideas that are entertaining, often highly unusual, but always practical
  • How to make money – or gain valuable use – from even the unlikeliest household scrap
  • How to get out of debt – and avoid getting into it
  • Suggestions for saving 30% or more on household fuel bills without costly home improvements
  • Where to buy everything at low trade prices, or even below them
  • How to cut your commuting costs dramatically
  • Recipes for even the cheapest shop-bought, or home made, cosmetics, household goods, foods and drinks – which are indistinguishable from the most luxurious prestige products
  • How to collect and purify drinking water – even during a drought!

And much, much more…

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Book details

2nd edition published 2003 (first published 1999)
ISBN: 978-1-85623-015-5
Size: 234mm x 165mm
Format: Paperback, 256pp. 25 b/w line drawings; 70 diagrams

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