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Natural Swimming Pools (DVD) by David Pagan Butler

In this film, David Pagan Butler takes you through two projects step-by-step. The first shows you how to build a plunge pool, an ideal nature reserve that you can also swim in and the perfect compliment to a home-made sauna! Learn how to design the structure, build the swimming area, fit the liner, plant the edges and make a simple solar powered pump to filter the water.

The second part of the DVD shows David’s first project – how to make a full scale natural swimming pool – importantly he also shares his mistakes so that viewers can benefit from his experience. Made by a professional filmmaker who is also a hands-on practitioner and a master recycler, this practical film gives you all the information you need to enable you to build a beautiful swimming pool / wildlife habitat for a fraction of the cost of one installed by a professional contractor.

“David jumps in the deep end(!), giving us his step-by-step guide to building not one but two home swimming ponds, never shy of highlighting his own early errors with a refreshing good humour. The presentation is clear and David gives some excellent demonstrations of particular techniques, a useful display of the bunyip level in action, and an ingenious sandbag-filling device.” Henry Dowell, Permaculture magazine


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Released: 2010
ISBN: 978-1-85623-058-2
Duration: 96 mins
Region: 0

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