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Grounds for Hope: Ways to Live Legally on Cheap Land in the UK by Chrissie Sugden

Grounds for Hope is required reading for anyone interested in owning land on which they hope to build eco-friendly housing.

The huge disparity between the price of agricultural land in rural areas (£4,000 – £10,000 per acre) compared with the price for land with planning permission (£200,000 plus per acre) means that more and more people are considering obtaining planning permission in other ways, including retrospective planning permission using the Ten or Four Year Rules, setting up a smallholding or farm with temporary accommodation, or, in Scotland, applying for permission to create a Croft.

In this eBook, Chrissie Sugden shares with you her knowledge of years of researching affordable housing options, looking at regional differences in legislation and planning regulations, and the tactics you might need to approach living on land without formal planning permission.

A must-read for anyone considering such a move.


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Published: June 2011
ISBN: epub: 9781856230636
mobi: 9781856230643
Available as an eBook only

Available in iBook and Kindle formats

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