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Birthrites: Rituals & Celebrations for the Child-bearing Years by Jackie Singer

An inclusive and sympathetic workbook for anyone wishing to create personal rituals and celebrations that mark the many different events surrounding all aspects of becoming a parent.

As well as the anticipated topics of pregnancy, birth and motherhood Birthrites also explores Becoming A Father; Adoption; and Miscarriage among other emotive subjects. Jackie Singer emphasises the importance of ritual and ceremony; marking life-changing events, and sharing this experience with others.

The suggested ceremonies are varied in nature and never dogmatic, ensuring wide-ranging appeal. Some simply involve quiet contemplation, whereas others can include a specific activity. Throughout the book, Jackie emphasises the individuality and adaptability of ceremony; nothing is set in stone. The author’s personal experiences are interspersed with quotes and real-life accounts from a wide range of contributors.

Jackie provides reassurance and support in this relaxed, friendly guide, and achieves a considered balance between practicality and sensitivity. Birthrites identifies an ancient facet of human activity forgotten by some of us, and overlooked by many. Far too often in modern life, the importance of pausing for thought is disregarded.

“Much as the human experience of fertility and reproduction is medicalised in our current times, it still remains an area of profundity… Whether we have a need to express joy, seek guidance, or grieve our losses, working with ritual can give us the means to engage more fully with the mysteries of birth, death and transformation.”

As an increasing awareness of the value of these approaches has grown so has the desire for literature on the subjects. Jackie is an experienced and inspirational practitioner, her writing eloquent, wise and clear.

“An inclusive and sympathetic workbook for anyone wishing to create occasions to mark the many different events surrounding parenting.” The Green Parent


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Published: 2009
ISBN: 978-1-85623-049-0
Size: 205mm x 160mm
Format: Paperback, 208pp. 16 line drawings

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