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Meet The Authors: Mick Collins PhD.

Mick Collins has had an interesting career after he left school at 15 years of age with no formal educational qualifications. For many years his.

Meet the Authors: Howard Johns

In 2002, Howard Johns founded Southern Solar which grew into one of the largest solar companies in the south of the UK. He served as.

Meet The Authors: Fransisco Van Der Hoff

Better, known in Latin America as “Francisco”, comparisons to Gandhi do not seem far-fetched.

Meet The Authors: Stephen Barstow

Stephen Barstow has devoted 30 years to trialling the world’s perennial vegetables.

Meet The Authors: Anni Kelsey

Anni Kelsey has been passionate about gardening and the natural world for as long as she can remember. As her concerns about the unsustainability of.

Meet The Authors: Will Rolls

Will Rolls spends a lot of time dealing with things relating to trees, fire and sustainability (not necessarily in that order). He started out studying.

Meet the Authors: Glennie Kindred

Glennie Kindred is the author of eleven books on Earth wisdom, native plants and trees and celebrating…

Meet the Authors: Mark Boyle

In 2008, Mark Boyle became The Moneyless Man – setting out to live completely without money for 12 months…

Meet the Authors: Juliet Kemp

Juliet became an expert in permaculture in pots whilst growing food on her small Southwark balcony…