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Meet the Authors: Rosemary Morrow

Rosemary Morrow has qualifications pertaining to agriculture, horticulture, rural sociology and adult education.  She is highly regarded permaculture teacher and has been practising and teaching worldwide (most notably in Australia) for 20 years. Rosemary is known and revered world-wide for her pragmatic and effective approach to creating permaculture systems across an incredibly broad range of environments, successfully implementing community-scale permaculture systems in such diverse bioshperes as Uganda, Somalia, Thailand, the Middle East, Bhutan, Australia and northern Europe, to name but a few. Her knowledge on how to create abundance, food security and successful sustainable farming models, no matter what the country, is perhaps unparallelled in permaculture education today.

Books by Rosemary

Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture

A simple guide for living a more sustainable lifestyle, Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture illustrates how to assess and design a permaculture garden of any size, whether you live in a small city apartment; a house with a garden; on acreage in the country; or anything between or beyond!


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The Earth User’s Guide to Teaching Permaculture


A fully revised and updated edition containing a wealth of technical information for teaching permaculture design. It includes new findings in emerging disciplines such as regenerative agriculture.

It is relevant to teachers and students of architecture, landscape design, as well as permaculture design and more.

The reader is lead step by step through recommended course structure, providing a flexible approach which encourages the adaption of the materials for specific bioregional and cultural conditions.

An invaluable friend to the experienced and novice teacher.


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